Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Large NLBQITXZQ

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Comes with a bulb and a standard UK plug.PAT tested and CE approved for your safety in your home or office.

Each lamp is unique in that it is a natural product hand-crafted using traditional methods. It is important that these lamps are crafted in this way to ensure the integrity of the salt and its ability to eliminate electromagnetic smog.
The Himalayan Crystal Lamp has 3 main actions:-

Ionisation. The Himalayan Crystal Lamp becomes warm and attracts water molecules from the air. The salt particles bind with the water molecules, which are then evaporated into the atmosphere of a room. As the salt is primarily negatively charged the ions emitted are slightly negative. This helps to neutralise the excess positive ions in our living spaces that are present due to electrical goods and positively charged dust particles. This is of great help to allergy and asthma sufferers.
Neutralisaion of electromagnetic fields. The Earth's natural electromagnetic frequency of 7.83Hz is desirable to all living organisms for good health. This is known as the Shuman Resonance Frequency and is very similar to the frequencies at which the human body and brain function. A big problem in our modern world is the exposure of ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies from electrical devices and wires running through our homes and offices that disrupt the body's natural frequencies. This exposure can cause a change in the body's own frequency patterns leading to an accumulation of free radicals as well as mental fatigue, nervousness, insomnia and concentration problems.
Colour Light Oscillation. There is a change in the human system via the influence of light oscillation from the Himalayan Crystal Lamp. The body responds to the different light waves from the lamp (which can be distinguished by the human eye) and can have varying effects on us.
Suitable for room of 20 square meters

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Large NLBQITXZQ

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