2 in 1 USB Port and 12V Receptacle Ultra Compact Mount Holder for the LG Plum KKSTJHTOU

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Ultra compact spring loaded bracket/cradle holder for the LG Plum easily accommodates 103.7 x 57 x 12.3 mm.Connect your LG Plum to the mount via the universal USB power dock and charge a second device from the 12V receptacle.Shock-absorbent foam inserts on the bracket and rubber lining on the holder's expandable arms protect your LG Plum and dampen vibration for bumpy rides in any car / truck.Adjustable pivot arm on the cigarette lighter mount allows 360 degree rotation of holder so you can position it exactly where needed.This unique mounting system for the LG Plum is durable and guaranteed to protect your device. Lifetime warranty.

Never run out of power again while using your LG Plum on the road. The Gomadic Dual Purpose Cigarette Lighter Mount and Holder is the ideal solution to quickly, easily and securely mount and power your LG Plum and other mobile electronic devices. The Gomadic non-slip holder is strong, lightweight and ultra compact to keep your device safe and with a strong hold. With its 360-degree rotating head, you can position your device vertically or horizontally, and at any angle you need for easy viewing. The cigarette lighter mount includes both a charging USB port and a 12V receptacle - charge your LG Plum via the USB port while keeping the 12V receptacle open for other devices. This is a great option for you road warriors who want a hands-free option that keeps your device fully charged.

2 in 1 USB Port and 12V Receptacle Ultra Compact Mount Holder for the LG Plum KKSTJHTOU

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